How much should I be making?

Hey all,
This is the second time I’m posting.
So my app has around 5k total installs with just over 380 current installs. User retention is very low.
I make about 1-2 usd a month using airpush.
Here’s the link to my app:
I have integrated google analytics but don’t really know how to use it.
It shows 250 - 500 unique screen views a day.
How much should I be earning? And how can I improve my earnings?
Help will be appreciated.

You will not make much from an app like that because there is very less scope to place ads but getting to user retention it is not good, there might a tough competitor for your app or users are not interested in something like that because many don’t use flip covers and there are some more issues related…

As far as now you are getting a normal revenue for this kind of app with this much users. If you plan mediation between 2 networks that might increase your revenue by 30 to 50% of your current revenue…

I can only suggest you to build more useful app with scope to place ads and focus less on this.

As per my knowledge the max you can make from this app with this retention rate will 5$ …

Yeah I guess you’re right , will games be a better option then? Is it more profitable?

Most profitable app will be game with IAP, take a look at Candy Crush and Clash of Clans.

Maximum revenue that can be earned is directly proportional to the following things,

1.How many screens your app have.
2.How many times yours screens are viewed per day.

As you can clearly see the above mentioned things are maximum only in entertaining apps most probably games… I hope you got a clear idea :smiley:

Yeah man … thanks

it’s a good application, but with this app you can earn max 10$-20$ / day with monetization

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