How much money should I be making with this traffic?

I’m looking for ways to improve my monetization, which currently sucks I’m afraid. So, I would really appreciate your thought on this: How much should I be making with 500k daily impressions assuming 90% of impressions are banners and 10% interstitials.

22% US
7% Mexico
6% Indonesia
5% Italy
4% France
4% Russia
3% Brazil

This is non-game traffic with users from all age groups.

Another way to put it: how much would YOU make with this traffic?

with me 50k impression banner at top, i get 50$, and 50k impression of interstitials get 100$, only admob …, so i think you can get more than 500$ daily with your impression :slight_smile: (just only admob, if you combine others ads network, i think you will get more ) :slight_smile:

how many new install each day ?

About 18k total. It’s from 15 apps: several have 2k-3k installs a day, some are new and don’t get many installs yet. Some have great user engagement, others not so good.

If so you should get 500$ + daily

Hello schwing,

With your traffic, only on PPD with Appwiz you can make $120-$150 daily!
Now running our in App, our promotions and your daily estimated # of impressions and conversions you can earn up to extra $250-$350

so around $500 daily!

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I have an offer you cannot say no too :slight_smile:


Imho $350 is not around $500…

I cannot say 100% cas we need to his how is traffic behaves but he can make it to $500 if all together will work in harmony :slight_smile:

With this traffic i’ll be making hmmm, lets see:

  • Admob (Banners) : 500k/1000 * 0.6 (Ecpm) = 300$.
  • Revmob (Interstitial) : Admob/2 * 1.15 (Ecpm) = 172.5$.
  • StartApp (Exit button) : 18 * 4 (Ecpm) = 72$ (Highly random, you may get 72 or 200)

Result : 544$, Wow that’s 15k$ per month :mad:

I agree with the other devs, that should be giving you $500-1000/day

Thanks guys. What I’m actually making now is < $200 a day, so I guess I have some work to do.

With that traffic I would make 1500-3000 EURO daily.

$200 sounds about right, you are doing good, don’t worry about it.

to make closer to $500 that everyone else is “thinking they could make” around here, you would need your USA traffic to be at about 50%, not 22%.

It also really depends of the ad placement, number of activities in each app and if the users are not “spammed” with the ads. What I’m saying is that let’s say you have 5 activities in your app and you’re using banners in all of them. This of course will lead to a higher number of impressions, but the revenue might be even lower if using banners in only 2 activities. The users might get used to seeing them in each of the activity and they’re automatically ignoring them.

Anyways, $200-300 might be your target range, but still it depends on many factors, so try to experiment :slight_smile:

Just my thoughts…

I showed around 500k in the whole month and I am using admob. I made 300$ and this is combined between banners and interstitial.
You want to make more, then you risk it with how compliant Ad networks(unless you want to replace banners and interstitial of admob with another network)

Thanks. Not realizing this is the main reason why I thought I should make more. Also, after the original post I have found out that my demographics is not as “flat” as I presumed. It seems to be heavily skewed towards 18-24 females. That’s certainly not the most profitable segment.

Most of the numbers people are talking about here is correct, but keep in mind people love to exaggerate or cherry pick their best days. Ever look at a farming guide for an mmo? They routinely exaggerate how profitable a certain activity is.

OK. FWIW my best day money-wise was $300 on Xmas day. In imps, the best day was yesterday with 750k (also the worst day in CPM/RPM).

Hi schwing7,

You should definitely find a network with good monetization results outside the US, as not a lot of your traffic is originated from there.
I can recommend our awesome new SDK for interstitial and Native ads, but I’m sure there are plenty of other good netwroks as well. I guess you should keep looking.

For me, I made 800K impression banner and I got 14$ daily.

Why i did not get 500$ Daily???