How much it takes to get app approved on Opera Store?

Hello friends,

I submited some apps on Opera Store 24 hours ago and they are still not approved. How much it takes to get app approved?

Thank you very much!

Was there no policy/guidelines when you submitted it (i.e. “please wait 24-48 hours for an approval/response”; just an example)? I don’t use the Opera store, so I’m not familiar with it.

No, I just submited 3 days ago and nothing :S

In that case I would advise you to try contacting them over support that what has happened to your app, I am sure you would get a quick response as far as I know they don’t follow a bulk of rules and guidelines that Google PlayStore does and most of the developers get through this one quite more easily. But I guess giving opera stores people a quick reminder would be another great option to move forward with.

I just sent a mail so hope they answer.

Another of you know why it takes so much to get apps accepted? Thanks

You probably didnt fill out every info page. I dont remember if Opera even has an approval process or you just click Publish.

It’s a ****al app market, fake download numbers and unreasonable ban. Try others

I agree. Completely worthless. Try Amazon instead. But also on Amazon I have only 5% of downloads compared with Google Play

Well, let us hope for the best I don’t know what they are doing with it ! I have seen people uploading the .apk file over the store and whoops it gets live. Anyway I would say you’d better move over to some other app store like amazon etc.