How Much it Takes for App Development

Based on the developer’s average salary of $ 1200 per month), you get the cost of developing a simple application around $ 1950, the average $ 4,800, and the complex $ 8300 (we take the same number of hours for creation as above).
Using the services of freelancers, you can save money if you look for them on Russian-language sites (preferably developers from the province) or find a good inexpensive specialist on the recommendation.
There is an option to simplify both parts of the development by creating applications by template. For this you will pay only 200$ per year, but the quality of such products is usually very far from the modern understanding of beauty. Further than the quality of site templates and email-lists, for example.
The second option is to simplify only the programming of the server part, using backend-development platforms. This is effective because the share of backend jobs (including core) in application programming is about 80% - the front takes only a fifth of the time. You get a ready-made SDK that includes data modeling, PUSH, email and SMS notifications, cloud storage, JavaScript server code, analytical tools and user management.

Finishing the development of your mobile app is just the beginning. A lot of businesses think that getting their app submitted to the major app marketplaces and making an announcement to their customers will be enough to get the ball rolling, but that’s far from the truth. The truth behind most successful mobile apps is that there was a ton of marketing muscle that helped get it to that stage.

This is where the help of a mobile app marketing service comes in. Elite mCommerce is a progressive mobile app marketing network that helps you increase the popularity of your app through the use of various strategies from running incentivized download offers to developing push notification campaigns to reach your users and increase engagement.

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