How much do ad networks pay for kid apps?

I am thinking of buying an app for kids which has 10k downloads per day. It teaches them how to count.
Anyone experience in this field? Do ad networks like Admob pay anything for this?


Ad networks generally have ranges for demographic type advertising. It’s almost impossible to predict price ranges because you don’t know how many users will click on advertisements. I’d recommend using a quick formula on this: 10,000 active users per day. let’s say 0.5% click on a banner @ a rate of $0.05 per click (typical price for mobile ads CPC). You’re looking at roughly $2.50 a day from an ad network.

Wouldn’t that be 10000 impressions ?

Yes, you’re correct.

downloads per day dont mean anything. you need to look at engagement, impression count, session length and other metrics. There are apps that get 10k downloads and make $10/day but others make $500/day, it depends on a lot of different things.

thanks all, i’ll think about it