How many installs to buy??

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering if some of you have found tools or ways to find out how much you need to spend/how many installs you need to rank your app in some categories or keywords or does everyone just “buy blind” and hope for the best?

I have a multi-calculator widget that I think is really good and I’ve spent many many hours developping but it’s hard to chart for keywords like calculator or multi calculator. I’ve spent fewer then 200$ on promotion and I’d be willing to spend more if I could have some kind of an idea if it is worth it or not. For example, if I know that I’d need to invest 10k+ to get some kind of boost in downloads, I’d just forget it and leave it be.

As it is now, I get about 15 daily downloads and less then 1$/day in revenue but I’ve optmized ASO as best I could and it is very slowly climbing in ranking for some keywords but it’s really not what I would call a success as it doesn’t show much of an improvment in downloads…

I think I got lucky with my first app (a contact widget) as I didn’t do much promotion or aso back then but it still slowly climbed the keyword rankings steadily and is now #1 for “contact widget” and #2 for “contacts widget”! I’m finding the calculator much harder to promote…

Btw, I know that I’m probably thinking backwards as I should be researching keywords and potential before doing the dev work but it’s more of a side-line for me and I wanted to developp ideas that I had even if they would be hard to market…

My only idea right now for promotion would be to target a specific average-sized country and buy the cheapest incentivised installs I could find to try and get the app ranking in that country. But I really feel like I’m shooting blind as I have no clue if it would help enough to drive much more organic traffic to the app.

Any suggestions/ideas welcomed!

Your widget is really nice and useful, have you experimented keywords for your secondary functions?
Like “tip calculator”, “bill split” etc…

And also have you tried:

1- Promote on facebook groups.
2- Promote on meaningful forums
3- Ask bloggers and vloguers for a review
4- Cross promotion through your older apps

Those simple tactics can be more powerful than a small budget paid campaign

If you think about it, even if you optimize your campaign targeting, you will pay at least U$ 0,30 /install (non incentivized).
That brings you 3000 downloads for U$ 900 , even if you get them within 1 day, it won’t be worth.

Hey Unlucky Guy,

thanks for your answer.

Yes I’ve tried to cram as many secondary keywords as possible in the short and long descriptions without making it unreadable. It does help a bit but even keywords like “tip calculator” and “loan calculator” are very hard to rank in. And I can’t put them in the title as it would just be too long!

Thanks for your suggestions, here is my experience with the ones I’ve tried. Maybe it could help someone…

1- Yes I’ve tried facebook promotion on groups with a trackable url. In my experience, don’t loose your time with the for sale/android promotion groups. They are filled with people just like you who want to promote their stuff and don’t care about yours. I’ve tried it daily for weeks and never had a single click registered. Complete waste of time. If you can find a group of fans of something related to what your app does then maybe it could be more successful but I couldn’t find a “lovers of calculators” group! :stuck_out_tongue:

2- Once again, if you can find a forum that is not a “promotion” forum but something related to what your app is about, then yes it could be good.

3- I’ve bought some gigs on fiverr of people with huge facebook/twitter accounts or bloggers but success is very limited there too. It’s not the end of the world since you only loose 5$.

4- Yes I’ve done cross promotion with my other app but even creating a dialog with the app colors, stating that I was giving a deal on my other app mad calculator, the click through ratio is barely higher then a generic ad. If you have an app with a LOT of traffic then yes, this can be good but in my case, it gave me maybe 5 new users.

So basically, in your opinion, it’s useless to buy installs then? I was leaning more towards incentivised installs at about 0.10$/install. I was thinking that targeting a country, it could get me in some of the charts for that country and probably help my keyword ranking a little to help boost organic installs.

You can also buy reviews

I see…
For 1 and 2 maybe you could try college and study groups, and also groups of people who export and import products maybe (for the currency exchange function).
Those promotion groups really doesn’t make any sense, it’s like trying to sell breads to a baker.

Well, you can search for a small T1 country and take a shot. But keep in mind that the uninstall rate with incentivised campaigns is insanily high (about 70~80%).

depends on country to country and in the category your app is.Yet atleast 1000-2000 download required to get atleast a base mark.

About how many installs to buy to increase your app ranking, it depends on the competition of the keywords, if the keyword has low competition, then the required amount of the installs is not large; if the keyword has high competition, then the required amount of the installs is large.

Based on my experience, you can target keywords with low competition and lower search volumes first which are much easier to rank for.

And I highly recommend you buy keyword search installs fromasotop1, which surpport multiple countries and install types for you to choose from, get your app targeted precisely, the most important part is that they can guarantee all the installs are from real users, which can boost you app ranking in 8~10 hours.

Besides boost app ranking, you can also buy app reviews to increase the download rates, about 95% users prefer to download an app which has much more positive reviews.

Good luck.