How long do users use your app?

I’m a game developer. I’ve released a game right here if you want to take a look:

This game has some good reviews in store and some other sites. Here is what I get from analytic:
[li]Number of users: about 1700 users (from iOS, Google Play and some other stores)
[/li][li]Daily active users: about 100
[/li][li]Total play time: from 6hours to 13 hours
[/li][li]Average play time per user: from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
[/li][li]Day 1 retention rate: up to 20%

This is my first game which I use analytic so I wonder if these stats are good enough to keep moving or not?
Because I want to look it back and have to make decision for the next step.
If yes, I hope you guys can show me the next step. I’m very happy to hear that!
Thanks in advance.