How long can i stay in top new free ?

Hey guys, i wanted to know how long can you stay in the top new free list ? i didn’t know much about marketing and i published my apps with the same language in all the countries, so i only get high number of downloads in the middle east countries because i was using Arabic language in title and description, i just figured out that you can put some translations to your app, my question is, if i translated it now there will be no point to get any more users except the ones that uses the search engine right ? or how actually long can your app stay in the top new free list after i have published it ?

apps can appear in this list only during the first 30 days after publishing…

source:this year google IO video

ouh, can i unpublish it and then publish the same app with a different package name but with the same app title ? or will this violate Google play content because of duplicated content ?

i dont think they will like it :slight_smile:

you can do that but don’t expect the ranking in top free apps. It will be like starting form scratch unless you find some way to tell the users to uninstall current app and install the new app.

What happened? Why this package re0name stuff?
My guess, you have lost the certificate used to sign the app. Am I right?

no i still have them, i wanted to do that so Google does not consider it the same application, u know what i mean ? :slight_smile:

That’s direct violation of google spam policy, your app will be suspended, don’t play with google, they are very sensitive :).
And, anyone knows, if app is translated does it have better chance to be in top new list for that country?

yes, translation (manual one) is good to have.

Since we are discussing this, can someone tell me how many downloads does it take to hit top new free in any country?