How I used Google's promo code to get into top Paid apps (#13 in India)

Tl:dr I posted on reddit, and I see ,many others have started doing this on reddit after i did

this is my post ,

But here is the full article I wrote on my website if u want to read it and get better advice
Hacks to get your apps ranked in google| Ankit Srivastava

The result was 100’s of people buying the app daily

I think this post should be bumped, 2-3 more people tried it, they got the same results

Thanks for the info, ankit662003. I don’t have any apps with paid or have in-app purchases yet. I tried to sign up my email on your page, but haven’t received anything in inbox or spam.

I will give it a try at the end of the quarter and report back.
But my paid Apps aren’t really seek out so maybe even with code giveaway not many new users will download them.
There is no easier way than sending the code one by one? looks like it’s going to take a lot of time

Edit: lol spoke too early, I don’t have a 4 weeks old account on Reddit so I can’t really post there :smiley:

buy an account from fiverr, believe me its worth it.

Well that’s because I haven’t delivered any mails yet, I try to keep it spam free

Got your email. :slight_smile:

Tried your method yesterday at around 4 pm.

16 hours later, I gave away around 165 promo code and it still going on!

If you want a big burst of download for free, that looks like a great way!

I posted on that reddit about my app like 3 days ago, and I got like 2 reply and 5 like.

Now with the promo code, it went +47 like and like 230 reply.

Doing a promo make people so happy and eager to try your app.

Also note that my app is free with ads, and the promo code only remove the ads. So it’s nothing amazing but people loved it!

Yes, people on reddit just love free stuff. My advice is give them all away. And then as soon as april starts, give them all again
Had it been a paid app, it would have got into top paid apps