How I got 20k intial users for my app without spending much on marketing?

Hi friends I would like to share my story on how I got 20 K initial users for my app so that you can apply these tactics to your website, mobile app or anything.

Some flash back. I started developing for android 2 years back. And like many amateurs I thought that a great app will itself get popularity. The popular myth that we developers have.
I made a snap chat like app and launched it on play store. Wow only 1 download on the first day. I was depressed. I started thinking ways to market my app. Distributed flyers and posters around my collge.
Again hard luck. Lesson: Never do an offline marketing of a online product.

Fast forward 1 year.
I made a music player this time after hearing success stories of a general purpose app. This time I knew that making a good app is only half of the battle, marketing it effectively is the main thing.

The marketing

  • Posting messages on 100 Facebook groups daily.
  • Reddit, Quora and other online forums can also help a lot.
  • SPAM the internet. Post the link of your product on every possible site.
  • YouTube- Posting messages on you tube to try my app. Around 100 daily.

“Execution is everything.”

Here are some of the Google play insides that I learned after all these days.

  • In the 1st 30 days 1st 2-3 days are very very important. Try to get as many downloads and reviews as possible.
  • No. of downloads will determine 60-70 percent of your ranking.
  • Review are very very important. I mean 2nd most important factor after downloads but sometimes even more( explained in next point).
  • Keywords in reviews are real ASO. It has more priority then the keywords in description.
  • Back links also matters.
    PS: these points are applied by me and my app shows relatively higher compared to some of the well established apps in the market. Search for music player you will get my app in around 30- 35 position. Music player fabulous.
    Will keep on adding more points. Please have a look at my app, I have launched a pro version.


Thank you for sharing. Just curious, how do you manage to post 100 facebook group daily?
Because i tried joining multiple groups and posting in the groups, but eventually got banned by facebook.
Do you own multiple facebook accounts?
How many posts do you submit a day with 1 single account?

Ninja Blaster | Best Marketing Software
and you have old facebook account with real user history, then you will not get any ban :slight_smile:

Have you used ninja blaster yourself?

yeah, i am using it

Thank you for letting us know about this tool.

Great tool, but a bit expensive. There is any way to get cracked it for free? :blush:

I wish there were a free tool (and please tell me if you find one).
That said, you don’t need to pay for it every month.

Once you’re ready for launching your app you buy the tool and use it. You have one month to promote your app.
After that 2 things can happen:
1 - your app is success and you may renew your subscription for one or 2 months to keep promoting it.
2 - your app is a failure and you don’t renew the license. Next time you have another app to promote you buy the license again valid for a month.

Note: a successful application for me means: it is making enough money to pay all costs involved in its creation, marketing and distribution AND gave me enough money to pay my bills (at least for 1 month).

I bought the full version for $97 today.

Nice. How is the upgrade policy of it?

Also, would you mind to write us a review after you have used in a campaign?


hi ramzixp, any advice about the ninja blaster setting so that we will not ban by FB easily, like how many second, delay, sleep, how much FB group we better add daily ? other guys please kindly share the safest setting you might think okay

thank you very much

I have 1-5 minutes delay. How to not get banned? Use old facebook account, I am using my own (disable notifications) and go. If you will use fresh facebook account, you can get ban :wink:

I found it very useful, saves 30-60 minutes/day. :slight_smile: I’m also posting with two old FB accounts, one of them more than a year old, the second is about 5 years old.
Link, photo, video sharing. I’m sitting at the computer all day, so I prefer to set 5-10 minutes delay after every 10 posts.

BTW if someone wants to buy old fb accounts(2-5 years old) he can contact me :wink:

Thanks for the information.
Can I check if I use old facebook account without using Ninja Blaster, will I get banned?

Can you give me fb groups please ?