How effective is AdMob?

I would like to put an ad on admob, but are they effective? It seems like people would click the link by accident much more than they care about my apps.

Admob provides very low cpm generally as low as 0.03$ for banner ads . there are other better networks like amazon, mobvista , airpush providing much better cpm as good as 5$ to 10$


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Try also MobileCore I used them few days ago and they are giving me $2.04 for my very low traffic around 400 impressions…

They actually pay me 2 cents for 2 clicks. Thanks for the suggestion!

Wow…but are the ads unpleasant? Sometimes I see crazy ads that make me vomit on some apps…

No they have nice full screen ad … Download this app and see the exit ad, it is mobilecore-

My app was previously a paid app and then I added free version few days ago with ads…

From couple years of practice, never seen any network performing better than admob. I would suggest you to use admob, if you are sure that you are following their rules

Admob is the best overall performing network I have used. Sometimes I get better eCPMs for interstitials with mobileCore.