How does the downloads milestone effect the conversion rate?

Hey guys,

I was wondering what effect does the downloads milestones have on store listing conversion rate? (number of store listing views -> people actually downloading the app)

For instance when you reached 100k, 500k or a million downloads have you seen a change in the conversion rate? and what kind of a change?

If your app is viral, everyone talk about it, quality, or news cover about it, you will have hgher conversion rate for sure.

It wasn’t related to downloads number solely, as if it did, new app got no chance to fight with old app at all.

well lets see if there are two apps with a similar name,

  1. has 500 downloads with rating of 4.3 and 12 people who have rated it
  2. the other one has 500k downloads with 4.2 rating and 7000 total ratings

which one are you most likely to download?

Also I have noticed while using adwords I have a much higher conversion rate with the apps that have more downloads (100k, 500k)
And the apps that have only 5k downloads have a lower conversion rate.

What you talking about affect only keyword searching and its conversion rate.

There is other factors e.g. catergory, ranking, new/old app, word of mouth, social media etc that could convert into a download.