How does a change in content rating affect downloads?

Hey guys,

atm I have an app that is getting 50k+ downloads daily, but today google has changed my content rating from “Everyone” to “Medium maturity”.
Has anyone every experienced the same situation and can tell me how this will effect my download numbers? Will there be a large decrease in downloads after the change?

Since google analytics stops working after a specific amount of daily users, I can’t see any download statistic for now, and I don’t want to wait for the dev console update tomorrow…

Thanks a lot!


They did the change themselves?That is interesting. What was the app about?

I can only assume its because you let people upload their own content like pictures or something into the app… which requires medium maturity content rating.

This really depends on your user base obviously, if you have lots of pre-teens using your apps then you will be hit, if you have regular people over 18 use the app, you won’t notice the change :wink: I don’t know if google analytics segements your traffic like that but Flurry does…