How do you pay income tax on advertising income (in india)

Hi i earned 12 lakhs this year. should i pay all 30% tax or can i make use of 44AD?. how do you guys pay taxes.thanks

Hire a CA so he or she can calculate and reduce the payable tax …

I hired CA and he said that

  • i need not to pay seevice tax
  • upto 2 crore of annual income i need not to go for tax audit
  • i give him 4 % per lakh ans he converts wntire money into white(without tax)

Fake bills lol. Fake India.

Dont worry you are in india Hire CA and give them to 1000Rs they will manage all thing whatever you want.

Yeah I hired a CA who brought down my taxes from 7 lakhs to around 1.5 lakhs. So its not a problem

Well I think you are not from India :mad:

Please list the different ways he deducts the income ?
eg: Payment on your vendors etc right?

I wish so but unfortunately no. Grass is greener on other side.
@sisusisu, he will have some links who can create past dated bills for fuel, website, computer parts, mobile, books, furniture etc.
All of the above is shown as business cost and supported with actual bills, u get a tax rebate (x% of item cost every year)

Unfortunately grapes are sour for you. But you have no right to say FAKE to any country.

Go and join some bullshit jihaad and prove your blood there and get rid of your bloody country and then implement rules which can give you some relaxation from tax.

And finally learn some control on your toung also.

Its not 1000 at all. Its 6000/- per 100000/-

Their fee during tax return file or tax audit

you are a tax thief. shame on you. no difference between you and people who have run away taking poor people’s tax money to other countries.

stop making other people tax thieves. have some shame.

I would have agreed with you if it was your original reply. Check you post what you said “Fake India”

Shame on you and on your nation. First learn respecting your country and others. Then talk ahout tax bullshit. You are not here to show tax thieves. Its about practical ways which work in different countries.

ya now u can use my wordings to defend yourself. I can only hope that you stop giving wrong illegal advices to save taxes. there have been so many instances in history where people have been caught giving fake bills, you can google it. here are two news for reference:
The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Chandigarh Stories
Police busts arrests six; busts fake electronic bill racket | Business Standard News

The right advice if indies really want to save tax legally from my side would be to invest more in your infrastructure etc which is liable for reducing deduction from your income.


People are wise enough what they have to do with their money and how to pay taxes. You can share your experience how you pay taxes. You can not advise untill it is asked.

Good night and sleep in piece :D:D:D