How do I get more Mobile Apps Installed fast?

The simplest and the fastest way to get installs for your app is to entrust everything to specialists. These are companies or individual marketers and promoters, who know how app stores work and are able to attract users to the app.

However, if you are looking for another ways, here is my list of top tools for getting installs:

[li]Great descriptions (translated into several languages if necessary);
[/li][li][b]Oder app installs[/b]. For my apps I buy on MoPeak. They provide fast results, many installs and low prices.
[/li][li]Relevant keywords. They must meet requests of the audience and not be too common, because your app may get lost among thousands of others with the same keywords;
[/li][li]Quality screenshots and video;
[/li][li]Attracting users with free options or huge discounts;
[/li][li]Reach popular bloggers in the niche and ask them to try your app and then write about it;
[/li][li]Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram and reach your audience with useful content.

It doesn’t matter what method you will choose: just make one step at a time and never stop!