How did I reached 46,000 downloads in less than two months full details Tip us?

It’s was very hard and almost impossible if you don’t have at least a small marketing budget. I am making this thread to help developers learn.
I want to stress that all my marketing was free. I didn’t use paid advertisement.

Deciding what I am going to make

  1. I decided to make a platform game that had very simple controls, anyone can understand how to play it without instructions.

  2. I decided to use some cartoon images that, almost all I made myself. There is no some “Complicated graphics”.

  3. I made the game easy enough so that a gamer can play it without instructions.

Before Launch

  1. After I finished the game I didn’t release it to the google play store , that would equal a fail. I opened a small community in Google+ and collected some people that want to hear when I release the game to production.

  2. I posted on facebook groups screenshots about my game that going to be published. I did it in 5-6 groups and I spend on it 3 days.

  3. I went to some games forums and also a create a post and trying to make people waiting for this game to be published.


  1. Launched my app on Google Play , posted on facebook and on Google+ that its finally arrived. And here comes the numbers:

After one week my app got more than 10,000 installs!

And now my game has 46,000 downloads at Google Play!

And I am still fighting to get more downloads. Hopefully I can reach higher but for last couple of days the downloads just decreasing Any questions ask away.

Game Link

Please tell me if this thread help you :slight_smile: