How can they DETECT old accounts?

[b]Hello, I had many developer accounts. Last year I thought I found a way to by-pass their detection. But after a year, they started detecting again. I have lost 3 accounts in a month.

Here what I do since last year:[/b]

  • Buying a fresh cloud server / VPS for registering & publishing apps.

  • Creating a fresh g-mail and developer account on this server with my friends information. different CC, name, address, phone all different.

  • Payment completed and I get my fresh GP account.

  • Installing a new Virtual PC with Windows 7 image file. Different mac etc. Using VMWare Workstation.

  • Installing new eclipse ADT & sdks on this virtual pc.

  • Creating new Android project, new package, icon, etc.

  • Using different mobilecore developer ID in application.

  • Exporting apk with new sign key etc.

  • Uploading apk to my VPS.

  • Uploading app to Play Store via this VPS.

As you see, I do nothing on my own computer.

And after 3 days, I lost my account with no e-mail regarding suspension. After I filed an appeal, they told me it was because of multiple policy violation of older accounts.

So what do you think?

What did I do wrong?

Need some other details like about security and about apps contact us for more details.

Are the names of the apps in your new account similar to those of your old account?

No matter how hard you try Google will detect you now or later. I don’t think its worth taking risk to have multiple developer account. By doing so you’re risking your original account too!

Its worth taking risk to have multiple accounts because you dont know when Google MISTAKENLY destroys your only one account! Google bot can f*ck you anytime. A bot is not a human!

Yep, lately they removed my app without a reason and they said that because of gambling ads… I used the same ad provider in all my apps and only 1 app was a problem for them…
Overall having one account is safer than having 10 accs… If they will remove 1acc - the rest 9 will also be dleeted, so safer is only 1 acc;)

Having 10 accounts is much safer. Normally, Google only remove one account each. Once it found a lot of my accounts, but anyway only about the half (8-9 of 20) were removed. So it worths it. :slight_smile:

Have you used Chrome on VPS? Maybe some website, third party you’ve use login by one email?
Or maybe you used one Android device for test?

I’ve used IE on Windows Server 2012. Also I think they did not detect on VPS because they would reject my payment if it was so.

I’ve used my old phone for getting Screenshots of app. I exported APK and moved it to phone before publishing. Do you think they detect it?