How can I put Startapp ad netwrok to my app

Hello evry body,

I am new in android and I make an app form an appbuilder Platform, anyone can tell me how can I put the startapp ad network to my app? the app builder platfrom give me 3 options add network mobfox, mobpaterner, admob, but the admob serve network stopped by admob, but mobfox, and mobpaterner has a far revenue, i have a high impression daily for my app.

First of all - what do you have in mind writing “app builder platform”? If it’s WYSWIG creator for Android apps - you can’t put your own ad networks. Builder has own networks and only these networks are available in your app. I would recommend you to use normal Eclipse and write native app.
When you will have app in Eclipse - just register on Startapp page (referral with 30$ bonus) and there is step by step info how to integrate startapp

I biuld it on goodbarber can I take the apk file and edit it on eclipse to put the startapp ad network on the app ?

Lol man. You don’t know even the main rules of development… Please just read a book or watch on-line lessons about Andorid and stop using shitty tools like this. Just learn how to develop.

mmmkkksss is right .First learn the android app developnment and then start to integrate adnetwork

can u advise me aboute a channel or somthing like this?

Just browse my youtube channel. Every video starts with creating a new android project in eclipse.

Channels might give you direction. but they won’t teach you how to make andoid app using any silly tools.

you must know first.
-how to download and install eclipse
-how to creat android project in eclipse
-how to code in java or another language
-how to compile and see the output on simulator or real device
-come back to eclipse and improve in project
-make final apk and throw in the GP

*apk’s are android executables and can not be edited just like text files. mind it.