How can I get Android apps reviews?

So what you should know, when choosing a provider of reviews?

Here are some of the tips:

[li]A single IP address for a single review. Many companies love saving costs by using bots that send out reviews from a single device. Apart from low quality of texts, such reviews may harm your reputation and most likely your app will be deleted forever. Only real people reviews from different devices;[/li]
[li]Every reviewer must open the app at least four times during a month if you want such review to influence statistics. Indicate that, when telling provider about your requirements;[/li]
[li]Choose specific location and target market. It is quite common to see an app for US-based citizens with comments only from Chinese or Indian users. Don’t make that mistake![/li]
[li]Choose an [b]app marketing company[/b], which offers PayPal as a transaction method;[/li]
[li]Ask provider to give you details on the process. To make sure that you are meeting the deadlines it is necessary to know how many reviews have already been submitted and how many of them are on the way.[/li][/ul]