How best to monetize 1 million daily impressions


I have an Android app which has predominantly North American traffic (US and Canada accounts for ~95% of traffic). It routinely generates over 1 million impressions a day. I’m currently using Admob Smart banners and generate about $120usd daily.

This month Admob earnings have started to decrease despite monthly active users increasing by approximately 20k users.

Firstly, are my earnings as expected for 1 million daily impressions or would you expect more/less?

Secondly, what (if anything) would you suggest I do to improve earnings? I only have one rule and that is I don’t want to use interstitials:)

I’ve being looking into using MoPub but unsure whether the extra effort is worth it.


Definitely you should be earning much more money. With 1 mln impression per day and only banners you should get ~300-1000$ per day.
With interstitials and banners ~700-2000$ per day.
Check your admob configuration, because you eCPM is 0.12$.It is too low.

And use interstitials. Don’t be afraid.

The issue I have is the general userbase are very “techy” and would likely switch to competing apps if I added interstitials, I want to leave those as a last resort really.

My ad placement is at the bottom of the screen and seems to be the best position (I’ve tried top of screen and between content), what should I be looking at in my Admob configuration to improve earnings?

What type of app is it? Do users stay for long sessions or come to the app several times a day for a short period?

Average session length is 2 minutes, it’s a reader app and yes users do open the app numerous times a day.

Hello @KatyL. The profile of your app seems a perfect fit for Pollfish. Pollfish works best on news and trivia apps, and provides 100% fill rate in the US. Pollfish lives well with other ad format, especially banner ads, since it provides minimal intrusion and most of our app publishers use us this way just to boost their revenue.

Have a look of a publisher’s implementation of Pollfish along with AdMob in the following screenshot:

Have in mind that Pollfish pays up to 20x more than classic advertising networks. On the basic Survey format Pollfish pays minimum $0.30 per completed survey. this price can get up to $2 in some cases.

Try Airpush. Their banner eCPM great :wink:

Hi KatyL,

With around 1 million impressions, you should be earning more.
I would like to suggest our brand new Airpush 360 banner ads, which earn 3 times more revenue than traditional bannners.
You can increase your earning potential without having to implement banner ads or any other types.
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Of course adding interstitials and other ad types will increase your potential revenue further, but our banners are a great start.
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Airpush Nick

Hi @KatyL,

If you’re using mediation I’d suggest giving AerServ a try. We offer a robust platform plugged into 40+ top ad networks. Why use 1 ad network when you can use multiple? Admob and MoPub are both supported on our platform. We have a strong focus on video but have in app banners as well. with 1MM impressions a day you should certainly be using mediation and multiple ad networks. With the proper ad networks and mediation platform you’d be making much more daily revenue.

Manage all your existing ad sources from one lightweight SDK and easy to use UI.

Additionally we have a Max Promotion giving publishers $6 guaranteed CPM for all interstitial impressions. AerServ

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