How am I doing? (admob stats)

Screenshot 2014-05-14 05.58.10.jpg

Here’s the dropbox link for a screenie:

So, how am I doing?

(App’s been on the play store approximately 10 months now, I use banners + interstitials, admob only)
Will mediation help me? What networks are best paired up with admob?

Thank you!

Hi @brandon,

There’s a sub-forum about Income Reports. A lot of people post their stats their so you can get a better idea.

From my point of view your stats are a bit low but I am not sure if that’s unusual with Admob. Mediation will help but I’ll leave that to the people who have actually tried it out.

FYI, I work for Avocarrot which helps app devs make more money without spamming their users with native ads. Happy to help if you have any questions:)

Thank you for letting me know, I just moved the thread.

FYI, I recommend adding a few screenies on the avocarrot homepage. I didn’t see enough to make the effort to try it out :slight_smile: (sorry)

Thanks for the feedback @brandon. I really appreciate it. Is there something else missing from the homepage?

Check your pm :slight_smile:

Now back to me please! How are my admob stats? Anything odd?
Is the eCPM too low? How bout CTR? I need something to go on.