How a Wikipedia Page is an Important Resource for a Business

Businesses have shifted online and hence they have their social accounts and multiple websites. A Wikipedia page has become one of the strongest resources because it allows high customer engagement, it gives authenticity to the business, it is simple to create a Wikipedia page as well, it adds value to a business, it makes a business look professional and true. A Wikipedia page also gives results in higher sales and revenues by pay per click and conversion links on the page. Therefore, it is considered as the strongest resource.
What do you think about it?

I don’t think that Wikipedia is a trustful resource

You can create a Wikipedia page for your business, but I wouldn’t waste my time on that. Especially, if it is just a start up. I thinking about a new start up. Last time I started my own project I had some problems with taxes. I just didn’t know that I owe our government so much money

I don’t get the point of creating a Wikipedia page for your business? I don’t think that it will help somehow to promote business. Besides, it is not the best choice for a marketing campaign. If you really want to promote your business, I would recommend you focus on social media platforms. You may consider posting some content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Do not waste your time on Wikipedia. Also, you better focus on other things than creating content for your Wiki page. When I started my company, I mostly focused on my balance sheets and finance. Luckily, I’ve got some help from Otherwise, I have no idea how I survived through my first year in business.

Can share please some more details? For instance, how much do you pay for help and what kind of assistance they provide?

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