[Hire Unity 3d developer]

Hello all,
I am here to hire a unity 3d developer who can develop a game like this one:-

link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WICds1UozlY

race starts at time - 5:56

I want it to be single or multiplayer and i have a budget of $1000.

If anyone is interested please add me on skype:- pratikpise92

Thank You.

You need two more digits in the budget.

Well, at budget this much low I don’t think that’s possible at try adding one more zero at the end and maybe we can help you out with this one ! Also let me know if you plan on ! :slight_smile:

That is a clone of angry birds go. Try contacting the developed of game in yt video. May b he sell it to u

@javaexp - LOL, more like Angry Birds is a clone of this which is a clone of Mario Kart. :slight_smile: It’s a PS2 game with Crash Bandicoot, large commercial game that would require at least two additional zeros in the budget to get close to in my opinion.

Yeah, there is no way to make a game like that for under $1000 unless you do everything yourself.