higher eCPM, quality ads and cross promotion


My name is Jonathan and I’m the Director of publishers at appnext. We are an ad network for social and mobile games, dedicated to creating high eCPM, while using only unique and quality interstitial ads (no standard banners).
I’m inviting you to our website to try our monetization product and evaluate our payouts on your own.

You can log on to appnext Mobile Advertising for App Developers and Advertisers and register. The system is very easy to work with. For any questions, you can also reach me personally at [email protected]

Many thanks,

what about your payment scheduled? weekly, net15, net30?

Our T&C states net 30. However, 99% of the time we pay net 10

nice , i will give you a try… you should make a FAQ page for the website, nobody read T&C

Point well taken…
If you encounter any problem, let me know