High CTR


I’m using Admob and I have a CTR of 4.52%. I only have interstitials, I pre-load them and they only show up if the user clicks a button. At that time I check if the ad is ready: if it is, then it is displayed, if not, then is discarded.

In this case, it’s almost impossible to have invalid clicks. Yet I have that CTR. I’m worried that Admob finds my CTR suspicious, yet I’m quite sure there are no accidents here.

I thought of opening a topic so we could discuss our CTR’s and maybe the relevance of holidays to this metric.

it’s better if you email to admob support and report about your worry

Thanks. But what can I say, that my CTR is high? What can they do about it?

I was wondering if other devs may have their CTR’s high too, since its holiday season and the ad’s quality is a little better.

yes, yours is quite hight. Normal CTR is about < 3%. And maybe admob can disable your acc.

Well it would be really unfair to be banned from Admob. I can do nothing about the CTR, except stop showing ads.

Since the ads in Admob are usually targeting USA users, and my app is most popular with the USA, then it should be normal that the users click the ads. I have about 300-350 downloads a day only from USA. The ads are targeting them.

Please note that it is very normal to have CTRs around 5-6% even.

In fact, networks build their whole logic to drive as many clicks as possible. So a higher CTR would be an achievement.

Since you’re not doing anything to influence fake/bot clicks, you shouldn’t be worried about it. If this is all from normal user behavior, then post click actions will be too and if thats the case, then Admob will be very happy with you.

@cscs, you are probably showing the ad when user is not expecting it. I mean when user is in the mode of continuous taps (like playing guitar) and you show an ad, the user is likely to give a click to ad which he didn’t mean.
More details can be given by someone looking at your app.

Thanks, I hope so. I’m not using fake/bot clicks, I’ve never used them. This is from normal user behavior.

In that case, you don’t have to worry. I do hope you’re using other networks too.

Thanks javaexp for the observation. But honestly, I don’t think that’s the case. It’s a tap game, and in the end the app says the score, there’s a button saying “ok”, and if the user presses it (the game has ended by now) then an interstitial will be showed.
The ad is pre-loaded so to prevent delays. If the ad is not ready at the time of the click in “ok” button, then will not be displayed.

Thanks. Maybe sometime later I’ll use more networks.

5% for admob interstitial is not so high, no risk of being flagged as suspicious ctr

Thanks, hope so.

5% is normal CTR for admob interstitial. ive been averaging that since i can remember