Hidden Objects Mystery Game [FREE]

Hidden Object Mystery Game is a unique free game among its genre.
This game has its own functional – is based on visual memory training! Recommended for children as the instrument of concentration and attention training and also for those, who deal with lots of information.
Puzzle is made for daily self-improvement: our analytical score system will let you to track the progress of your workouts.
Additional bonus – colorful, realistic graphics and what is the more, amazing atmosphere with instrumental music and authentic design. You will visit the fabulous garden, magic island, pirates’’ lair full of treasures and many other mysterious place…
All you have to do download free game and start your workout!
• The best graphics in Hidden Object genre
• Short-memory training function built-in, brain workout
• Built-in tips
• Simple, easy handle gameplay
• Variety of levels
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Google play link: http://goo.gl/pw5FoH