Hi developers any precaution to Google ban

I am just wondering how to find a solution to protect our user base in your android app. There are some ways of sending gcm push notification in case of one of the app gets suspended to notify users and direct them to new app. Do you guys know any way to not lose our user base or at least direct half of them to new app in case of suspension. Thanks for your review.

Please any ideas?

I haven’t heard anything about a Google ban, but I doubt there’s much you can do.

Really? That’s all I’ve been hearing about lately. A funny thing I read online was to list your app on Play and then pray everyday that the Bot shows mercy on your app! With all the devs quivering every time they update their apps, there’s gotta be some truth to this “unfair play store bans” story.

Yes exactly because of it. I am worried a lot and trying to find solution and I tried GMC but when app got banned no way to send messages, another way is to direct them to inside of your website from app but new policy restrict it any ideas? Since this can happen everyone . before it is too late, let’s find solution.

No precautions because Google now can mistakenly ban you anytime by their f*cling bot!

I am developing right now some json algorithm to proyltect user base in app keep in touch

Good luck with that. Don’t use a JSON parameter name that’s too obvious or Google will come to know what you’re up to. Name it something like logging, verbose or videoAds to confuse them.

Algorithm is written and works like charm. It will be updated to codecanyon soon

I’ve been receiving PMs asking me to explain this a bit more. It’s nothing technical but I’ll the just post it once.

All I meant was that if you want to redirect your users to your website based on a JSON param, it’s name shouldn’t be too obvious like redirectToMySite, or appBanned = true. The reason is simple, that Google can very well inspect all the data your app is exchanging with your server (unless you’ve taken the pains to to go SSL/https on your server!)

Previously some developers did some job regarding this issue like getbackapp SDK but it was not the real solution since you do not have full control and it is restricted by ads and also you can’t know what happens in background. Now my solution will provide to developer s like me to protect their user base and in case ban happens they can direct their users to the link that they will provide from server side that will be done by php code. What’s more, and you will only add your server IP address that is location of the php code in server you own to your app and one jar only. That’s it. Even you can use SSl certificate but there is no need. Even Google communicate by the php path. There will be no need “link direction” link will be provided by developers unless they encounter by ban or suspension. The code in the app will work in splash activity in your app and using intent it will open new activity that is your core app that what you want. When there is no internet. It will directly open your app and when there is internet it will send ping to server only just one time in day and then directly open app. Your user will never understand what’s happening since it is splash screen edit it like company logo and God forbid if you app removed then when your user open app it will show hey app moved do new update to app. Then you need to go your server and that php code to write direction link and enable ban true. That’s it I am checking it by Google now and works like charm. And there is no need to work for json it is like normal and calledvit as update. All thing would be updated to codecanyon after test process finished by Google.

Last 1 check to complete.