Hi guys.
What you think about Heyzap network?

Anyone used it? Experiences?

This previous week some users started to talk about it in other threads, so I would like to know how it’s performing.

Can someone share their experiences so far?

I’m not sure how to tag users on here but gcc said he has had good results since recently implementing it. I use it for iOS and am very happy with it there, I am working on my first android apps where I will be using is as well.

Could you give some insight of it on iOS? I’m interested. If you could share some numbers, etc.

Keep in mind iOS cpm’s are a lot better than what you see on android typically but my high volume game has a cpm of $9 for the last 30 days. Some are as low as $3-4 and casino games can be very high, some are like $30 and I even have one at $90ish, and it gets decent volume (for a casino game that is).

And which ad networks do you use on Heyzap? Thank you for answering

I started with applovin, chartboost, admob, and obviously heyzap. I got good results, then added unity ads which has done well and am in the process of adding vungle and adcolony.

I also use the same ad networks mentioned by oddball.

Its best mediation available in this time with good results(3-4 ecpm).

Again i must say, as oddball mentioned also, paltform/geo/traffic matters finally and might make it different for your games/apps.

So try it and keep it if meets your expectation OR leave it after experiement ir not doing any magic.

I have seen in this forum few developers are litterly expecting the same results and if its not happening, they are biting back.

I am using it with FAN ,admob and applovin …I am getting 3-4$ ecpm …especially for heyzap ads the ecpm is 4-5$…

REally high eCPM… you must have good user countries. Any info which network has the best eCPM from these 4?

The best networks for me are heyzap and FAN…they are really really good…most of my traffic comes from Brazil,India and Indonesia…

Games or utility style apps?

My app is utility…I think game can earn more than apps with heyzap …they have huge video ads…

They have mentioned that the pay will be only for install. Is it applicable for rewarded videos as well? Any one has experience with rewarded videos with hayzap? If yes the what is their fill rate?