HeyZap integration with Proguard

Hello, I’m starting using HeyZap. I integrated their SKD and also integrated FAN and AdMob with mediation succesfully.
The problem is that when I enable proguard for release, but only HeyZap ads are shown, it looks like Admob and FAN are not loaded. Anyway logs says that SDK are detected correctly.

I have this configuration to my proguard file for heyzap:
-keep public class com.heyzap.** { ; }
-dontwarn com.heyzap.

Anyone can help me? thanks

Have you used admob and FAN proguard lines?

In my knowledge FAN and AdMob does nor require any proguard line. When i used mopub i have not used any proguard line for them and reading their documentation I can’t find any specific instructions for proguard.
Have you added some proguard lines for them? Thanks

AdMob Proguard Config

-keep public class com.google.android.gms.ads.** {
public ;
-keep public class com.google.ads.
* {
public *;


-keep class com.facebook.ads.** { *; }

It works, thank you!