Heyzap ads

Today I have received a warning from Google:

“This is a notification that the application xxx, with package ID xxx, is currently in violation of our developer terms.
REASON FOR WARNING: The application transmits the list of installed apps on a user’s device to a server without conspicuous disclosure to the user that this is happening. This violates the Dangerous Products and Personal and Confidential provisions of the Google Play Content Policy…”

I am suspecting Heyzap SDK. I am using old version of their SDK, (which was available as source code) I have checked this code and found something that looks like they might be able to send list of installed packages. I don’t know if their new SDK does the same that’s why I want to ask if someone has similar situation. I have other games with Heyzap but they weren’t reported and they have newer version this SDK.

I am using Scoreloop SDK for leaderboard in this game but I don’t think their SDK is doing this kind of stuff.

Seems like it’s Heyzap.

Check here:


We at Heyzap are aware of the warning and are taking the necessary actions to ensure that we are compliant with the Google Play Content Policy. This has never been a problem before. A great user experience has always been our top priority, and will remain so going forward as we work on resolving the issue in a timely matter. There is a 14 day response window and we intend to have a solution (which may include an SDK update) within 4 days. We will post back here once we have a solution.

Recently some developers that have installed the Heyzap SDK have been notified that their app is not compliant with the Google Play Content Policy. Heyzap has released a SDK update patch to address compliance issues with the Google Play Content Policy.

If you have been notified by Google that your app has a compliance issue with the Google Play Content Policy, there is a 14 day window (from being notified) for your game to be updated with the latest Heyzap SDK version 5.7.5 which can be found here:


We strongly recommend that all Heyzap developers, that have installed the Heyzap Ads SDK, update their SDKs, especially if they have received the notice from Google.

I am wondering why I have not been warned by google, my game is quite popular so I thought it will be even more likely to be warned.

Anyway I have updated sdk today and hope everything will be fine…

I have updated my all games with Heyzap, however I just realized that sometimes Heyzap’s interstitials are shown even when my application is closed. In my case the interstitial is shown only when the user is comming back to main menu of the game and I call InterstitialOverlay.dismiss(); in activity’s onStop() to close interstitial, however if the interstitial is loading slowly and user press back again then the interstitial will be displayed when the game is closed long time ago.
I am not sure what to do about it.

That`s true, their ads are sometimes slow, appearing with big delays sometimes…