Help with my CTR on Admob (1 million impresions - 0,15% CTR)

Hi all,

I am desperate, my application is having a very low CTR, less than a year ago when CTR was 7 times more easily. What could be the problem? My other applications are around 1% CTR with the same type of advertising and countries.

The picture is from last month:

Other app from last month:

All my applications are around 1% except the first app.
What am i doing wrong? Ads that come out are the same, the banners are the same, they appear the same, etc.
Does anyone have a clue?



Try to increase Ad time 60 seconds to 120 seconds. It will reduce impression but will improve CTR. you should try it.

If I do this I will not resolve my problem. In all my apps I have 60 seconds. Last year I had 1% CTR on this app, now 0,15% or less. I don’t want make up the result.

Yesterday awesome rates:

Impressions: 41,000
CTR: 0,10%
RPM: 0,05€
Earnings: 1,97€
Downloads: 2500

The problem isn’t the refresh time. Other app:
Impressions: 8,600
CTR: 0,91%
RPM: 0,40€
Earnings: 3,60€


Alright then user engagement should be issue. If you are using any analytic tool then you should know what is average duration of user. that might be possible user can change activity just on launch of any ad. I had same issue so on that base m telling you.

I don’t use analytic tools…

If anybody can suggest something…

Did you use interstitial? If haven’t, you should try it, at least doubled your income.

Admob has unattractive ads, my ctr is 16% with mobile core

wow I can’t believe you wasted 1 million impressions with ad mob and only made 74 euros

Yes, I had to. My rates with interstitial I think aren’t good in general. Last month in this app with 110,000 impressions -> 0,62% CTR, 0,48€ RPM

You must believe it.

Yesterday awesome rates again:

Impressions: 41,200
CTR: 0,11%
RPM: 0,05€
Earnings: 2,21€

People, what would you do, please? I had also bad experiences with google updating my apps, in other threads you can see.
So if I change my ad network must be safe, what do you made with a million impressions?

I would not use admob or banners, who evens uses banners anymore, if your trying to make a lot of money I suggest mobile core you can use my link below. They have really good ads. I only have like 4k impressions today and made $30. So 40k impressions a day you can make couple hundred dollars a day! And it’s safe they pay werkly. I hope the best for you and you apps.

I think it is too much money … I can hardly believe.

Yesterday awesome rates again:

Impressions: 45,000
CTR: 0,12%
RPM: 0,06€
Earnings: 2,57€


Impressions: 41,000
CTR: 0,07%
RPM: 0,03€
Earnings: 1,10€

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give rewards for users to watch ads or to click on 'em that certainly going to help a lot if you have already done that maybe your audience is cold try another audience or try something to worm your audience
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