Help with android app Package name for google play

Okay. So i got an app on google play that didn’t do well but it’s been a while since i made it. is it okay i do some editing in the app and unpublish the app and reupload the new one with a different package name so i get another chance at top new free?
so basically, I have an app on google play. i want to unpublish it, change the package name in the code and upload it again with a new package name.
now my question is, is this in anyway against the rules also if it’s possible can you send me like a link or something where it says it’s against the rules.
thanks :slight_smile:

It’s perfectly ok to do that, I would just recommend sending out one last update with house ads so u can redirect your current users to the new version. This will also give your new app a boost in ranking so it’s more likely you’ll make it into the top new list

Thanks a lot, will do the house ads thing if i still have any active users.
one more question, how do i like a post on this site? (yours)

EDIT: ah, found them ;D thanks again!