Help with aging parent

My Dad is 95. He’s been in pretty good shape all this time. Lately he’s been extremely fatigued. Now, I don’t know what 95 feels like and I’m sure most 90+ year olds sleep a lot but he can sleep 14 hours, get up and still be exhausted. He’s lost his will to get up and do things. He used to go out 6 days a week and now maybe gets out twice and falls asleep on the car ride home.
His blood work comes back fine, his Dr. says he is by the numbers the healthiest patient in his practice, Blood pressure is 120/70, cholesterol well below 200, sugar is good,etc. Took him to see a vascular guy as he’s been complaining of heavy legs. Ultra sound shows good circulation in the arms and legs. He has a bad knee so doesn’t walk much anymore so Dr. says it could be a use it or lose it thing.
I have no idea where to go next. What should we try? I have to ask about his testosterone level but I assume they test for this when they did the blood tests.He is also a good size guy who still carries some good muscle so I doubt that’s it.
I’ve even considered depression as he lives alone and maybe that’s getting to him? But I would think he’d jump at the chance to get out and yet doesn’t seem to have the energy most times.Now that I’m retired I stop over 3 times a day to visit but he’s usually sleeping. Anyway just venting and looking for any ideas. Where would you turn next? A gerontologist?

You do everything right. The best advice here was to consult another doctor. If you see that the treatment does not give any result, then it would not hurt to get an alternative opinion. I also advise you to consider the options home care You will have a qualified person at your home who knows how to care for people with serious illnesses. If needed, he will be able to assist in a timely manner. Long-term nursing home care is a range of services that support personal care needs. It includes health care administered in the comfort of your own home as well as help with daily living activities such as personal hygiene, dressing and eating.

Nun, was hier zu beraten. Das Alter ist immer schwierig. Und Männer haben im Allgemeinen Feste Probleme mit der Potenz mit dem Alter. Ich kann nur Medikamente empfehlen, die funktionieren. Zum Beispiel ich habe eine solche Erektion nach ihm! Und vor allem gibt es keine Nebenwirkungen. Einfach Super