Help monetizing my app and improving downloads

Hi guys!

My name is Miki, I’m an online marketer and I also run a digital agency called Scale Media. We released our first ever android app about facts but is not getting that much tracking or making barely any money.

We have a pretty big following but people don’t seem to be downloading it much.

Google Play:

If you see people are clicking but not downloading. Check

Insta: Instagram

Suggestions welcome, I don’t know what to do since this is a new platform for me. I just know how to make money with websites.

Your app is useful and interesting.
You may want to implement banner and interstitial ad units to increase your revenue.
StartApp / Admob is recommended for banner ad at top / bottom of the screen.
StartApp / Mobilecore / AppNext is highly recommended for interstitial ad in between levels.
You may also want to show interstitial ad in a Top App button at your home screen.
You can also show an interstitial ad when user opens or exits the app.
Lastly, with StartApp you can earn another $15 when your impressions hit 100k.
Refer to the following link for more details.

My problem is not monetizing at the moment. I need tips/tricks to increase my app visibility on Google Play and also ways to increase my download rate.:frowning:

To increase ur app visibility, u may want to change the title of ur app so that users
can easily locate it through google search engine.
Use keywords that are more relevant to ur app.
Repeat ur keywords 3 or 4 times in the app description.
From my experience, translation will greatly increase the app downloads.

hey @mvicioso, you should work a little on ASO. Have a look here, to check and improve your listing on Google Play :slight_smile:

I would definitely work on your description, and translating your description to other languages. look at top games out there, see how much crap they put into their description, then copy their strategy :slight_smile: