Help me with my ads campaign

I’m running an ads campaign and see them reporting a lot of downloads (more than 70) but my google play report say 0 downloads.
Any one experience with this issue. Is there any delay in google play report.

Yes Google delay is 2 days and sometimes it takes up to 3 days to show. For me personally it’s always taken 3 days not only for downloads count but to see where I am ranked on the charts.

Check your downloads with Google Analytics, there you can see the new users almost inmediately ;-). For checking the charts, i recommend you Appbrain or Appannie (Appbrain seems to be faster)

If you do use Google Analytics like @BaksaiApps suggested, remember that Google Analytics shows user sessions and not downloads of the app. Some people who download the app might never run it and so you often see a small difference in the numbers when comparing with the Google Play console and AppBrain etc.