Help me with marketing.


Anybody can help me with marketing of these apps:


All app have about 200 active users per day.
I trying to promote apps on facebook, twitter etc.
Here is our fanpage:

What can i do to promote my apps?

What do you think: our apps are good or bad? What is wrong?

Well, best thing would be to start some ASO and increase your DAU with acquisition…
How much of a testing budget do you have?

Facebook is a very beneficial place to start promoting your apps. Ask the app review pages to review your app as many as you can. This will surely boost your installation number. Do spamming, but not like the regular fashion. Do research on it and you will discover some clever techniques of spamming :smiley: Here are my latest app Aladin Download Manager. I am practising the same as I said above and I can see some changes are happening. :):D:D

What is ASO and what is DAU?

About 100 USD, now. Yes - i know is small amount.

ASO means app store optimization while DAU means daily active users.

I think your app is quiet old so now start the aso and backlinking process to gain google search traffic and google play traffic.How can you promote your app using facebook how much download u are getting from there?