help how to imigrate from admobsdk to google play service

please i need your help :slight_smile:
i have a code source (fruit jewel) from chupamobile
i want to change admobsdk with google play service
please any help i dont have much experience with android development i just want to make money with this area :slight_smile:
and i dont have much money to pay a developer to do that for me
please any help

My as* is burning for the same for last 2 days.

Looks like noone is interested to upgrade for Google Play Service despite of adsense warning.

what , idont get u???

up please :slight_smile:

What do you mean by up?

well you need to havr latest android SDK first and then follow the link mentioned in the new admob dashboard.

If you want to upload your app on Google Play Store then upload your app on Google play store and then make an id from Admob with new Google Play URL of your app. You can remove old ad mob sdk and attach a new ad-mob sdk with your app.

please any one here can help me with skype or teamviewer ?

No $$ nobody will bother to use skype or teamviewer to help you. You may help yourself anyway.

how much will cost ? can i pay with code source i have a lot of them :slight_smile:

PM me the source code you have, I will consider about it.

ok thank you

Pm me as well.

You can PM me if you have source code for exchange :slight_smile:

me too, pm me

I will help you. PM me.