Help! Cannot advertise my app with Facebook mobile ads

Hello guys, i am about to release my third game and a big problem has appeared. I got a marketing plan to promote the game which consists mainly on advertising on Facebook mobile. I have done some tests in the past, invested some money and everything went fine. Everything was in place until Facebook did some changes and create new advertising objectives. Since then i have not been able to create new campaigns or ads, because when i introduce the url of the app i want to promote (i tried with several apps, including 1 i have promoted in the past) it shows me this message: “You’ve entered a destination that works better with Clicks to Website. Use another objective or enter a different destination.” and it forces me to change the advertising objective to Clicks to Website. I discovered that this does not happen when introducing an app from the App Store, in that case, everything goes well.

Can somebody help me please? I attached an image of my problem. Thank you in advance!

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I guess you do have the SDK integrated in your app. Could it be that you have pasted there the desktop link? (I don’t know if there is anything else you could put there…)
Maybe this would help - ?

You mean Facebook SDK? It is not integrated, but i didnt integrate it in my other apps either. I copy my apps url as mentioned there but it shows the message i attached in the first post. I have advertise on facebook before and i didnt have any problem. This problem appeared since they add new advertisement objectives.
If a copy an Apps Store (from itunes) URL there is no such problem!

Ive been trying everything for hours :frowning:

Went on the same page as you, entered my link, gives me the same message as the one you received. There must be something we are overlooking.
Maybe this link helps - ? :slight_smile:

I did try to create an ad from the Powereditor but faced the same problem…

You need to set up a new FB app here

download Facebook android SDK and get your hash keys. Only then you will be able to advertise your app

here is a quick HOW-TO from getsocialize
Facebook Integration ? Socialize Android SDK v2.9.7 documentation

Uhm… did you try with the “market://” link format?

Did you try “https://”

I tried the same a few days ago, and it didn’t work for me either.

Does someone has experience with that? And what was the install rate? I think, spending $10 just to try is not a meaningful sum I guess. The app I would like to advertise is $2 so I would need 15 installs to get the money back.

Facebook is asking you to direct your advertisement to what’s called a ‘‘landing page’’ before sending the user to the market link. This is very common place with a lot of online advertising/cpa companies. You can either comply, or .htaccess redirect facebook’s approval team to a landing page and everyone else to the market:// link.

haha black hat. good trick man!!

Le us know how you proceeded, once you have solved this :slight_smile: I am really curious.

No SDK or landing page required, the problem seems to have disappeared from one second to another. I guess facebook guys found the problem and fixed it. :slight_smile:
Thank you guys for your help!

Can you provide some quick insights regarding your campaign on facebook? I find it annoying that you can’t set a maximum bid for an install but you can only set a maximum budget.

I started a campaign with a budget of $10 per day and I got installs at a cost of around $0.3. I then increased the budget to $250 per day and got installs at $2.5 which really pissed me off to waste so much money. I don’t know how facebook does it, but I want to tell it: I have a daily budget of $1000, give me installs at a maximum cost of $0.3.

What price did you pay for an install and how did you manage your campaign?


Check the Tap the Box Income Report Thread :wink: (first post)

Man I have same problem with only one app of my apps the others have no issue so how I can solve it ?

Why do you guys waste money advertising apps? I never advertise my apps unless I advertise myself in my own top popular apps, Get an app to a mil installs and use it as an anchor app for new apps. With this method update the top app when you release a new app and new app will get like 50k+ installs in first 30 days. Unless you have inapp purchases I see no point in wasting money on apps. If you want to invest spend like $40 for professional app translations for your descriptions those seem to work best for me. Spanish,russian,Italian,etc

I sent you the link for the beta test, demo site will only be up for one more day so test out some admob for me.

Yeah but how do you get to 1 million downloads in first place?


How much do you bid for CPC on Facebook? Which country is it targetted for? is there any way to promote or increase downloads for apps.