HELLOSPY - You are Used?

If you use the smartphones sure you already know about the tracking software? HelloSpy is a tracking software, but it runs very stable, battery-less and have many special features as well: Track current location, location history, message tracking, call tracking …

HelloSpy application has the following features:

  • Monitor all calls and received
  • Real time GPS location of the phone
  • monitoring and record SMS text messages
  • Have access to a complete list of contacts
  • View images stored on the phone
  • Record applications use
  • remote Control adjustment Settings
  • Backup & Download Excel
  • track Internet Browsing History
  • Free updates - data encryption
  • 24/7 support To support further details , visit their website : [SIZE=7]hellospy [/SIZE]

You can free download and use the experimental features at 48h FULL hellospy

The office recently rolled out new iPhone for all the employees that were bound to travel more because of work. The phones were meant to help employees stay connected for work but pretty soon we realized that they were being used for everything except work. HelloSpy helped us keep a tighter grip on things. Now it’s easier to sort out who works hard and deserves their bonus and who’s just looking busy and doing nothing. This is an important tool for our management team.