Having some trouble with Airpush.

Hello about 5 days i’m trying to talk with Airpush support but it’s always offline, and dont answer e-mails too… My problem is the dashboard and payments earning are differents, so i earn 1$ and receive 0.5? I think this is wrong… anybody know why it happens or hving the same issue? Otherwise is just for my account Suport offline or everybody having the same? (Sry for english i’m on the bus kkk)

Airpush are usually good with their support on the e-mail side of things, but their Website plugin doesn’t ever seem to work for some reason.

On the reporting side, that happens with Airpush all the time as you will see by searching the forum. The best way to go about their reporting system is to only look at said data 1 week or more later, e.g: Look at today (23rd) on the 30th. I find that works best, although sometimes their reporting issues stem further than 1 week :frowning:

oh man I think I have the same problem…:confused:
The data shown in ‘Payments->daily’ page are significantly less than what’s shown in the dashboard(like 20% less)…Another thing is I don’t see their online support these days too. I will try contacting them if I see them online again, and will post the result here…I hope you will do the same…
Their support has always been nice…

I ALWAYS HAVE THAT PROBLEM WITH AIRPUSH!!! I’m making 50% less than I was two weeks ago. It seems like they always do this SH$%!! It is frustrating for them to do this. I’m beginning to think they mess with the numbers so they don’t have to pay out or something… !@!!!:mad::mad:

hi I contacted them in live chat just now and this is what they said:
“please don’t worry our concern team is aware of this issue and they are fixing this issue”

I also noticed payments for some dates are missing…like 12th , 20th , 21st

I’m the most unlucky guy in the world… I just change to AirPush about 7 days, and then BOOM, first, they do not answer my e-mails, and now, this f*****g maintenance never ends… My plans were stay at least a two month with Airpush, i would know how much i can earn with them, but if keep going in this way, seems that i will have to abandon the Airpush earlier…


I would give SendDroid a try guys. Their dashboard isn’t as dynamic and they may not be as big as Airpush, but their systems work and are stable, plus they’re weekly payout threshold is $100, not $200 like Airpush.

I’ve been sending some traffic their way for 2 weeks and overall I’m having a better experience with them than Airpush.

Note, their eCPM does seem to fluctuate a lot. I’m getting as low as average $0.80 on some days and as high as $3 on others.

Their support is good too, but they do require the permission:
<uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.WAKE_LOCK”/>
for some reason.

Last chance to Airpush, if still this way this week i will change to SendDroird next week, Airpush pissing me off…

Hi guys, do you have some success with airpush support. I’m trying to reach them via mail, linkedid and live support but no answer

I am in touch with them ,
they said earnings is saved , they are having a major portal problem

I am also having discrepancy in the earnings, got in touch with them. They replied that because of enhancement work going on with dashboard incorrect stats are being displayed and they have a track of everything and corrected data will be populated.