Has social media helped or hurt Hunting?

Things are pretty slow around here so I figured I would see what everyone thinks about “Social Media” regarding Hunting.

Read Steve Rinella’s story. He gets paid for social media where his brother (biologist) hates it. I do see where fisherman or hunters will flock to places that have been on social media sites.

If someone here post’s a huge Buck on camera at a public land spot, I bet who reads it starts Googling the place. Maybe even take a ride to scout. That’s probably why a lot of out of Stater’s flock to zones 11 &12.

Social media platforms helped many hunters, which is an advantage for one and a disadvantage for another. These platforms help hunters share their experience of hunting and fishing in different places considerably faster, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time finding a place for hunting. But this is a big disadvantage for people that are for predicting nature and restricting hunting because it helps hunters to have a better hunt and kill more animals, which I can’t entirely agree with because hunting is something that should be in the past.