Happy Queen’s Day! Here’s a free Crown icon.

In my country today is Queen’s Day, a holiday were we celebrate the birthday of our queen.
If you have never heard of this holiday be sure to Google it, because Dutch people go crazy on this day.

For this special day I made a crown icon.
Click here to download.
Package contains 512, hdp, mdp and ldp versions.

You may use it in your commercial or non commercial applications or websites. Royalty free!
Resale is not permitted.

Nice work! I hadn’t heard of Queen’s Day before, thanks for letting us celebrate it here on the interwebs :slight_smile: In Australia we celebrate our Queen’s Birthday too - but it’s on a different day, and a completely different time to her real birthday. It’s just another chance for us Aussies to get a day off work… we love long weekends :wink:

You guys getting time off for the jubilee as well? Roll on June … the last real break before my life becomes hell from the Olympics.

Oh THAT’s funny!! XD

Very nice of you Martin, rock on!! :slight_smile:

Funny, here it’s also on a different day. Normally in the past Queens day would move to the birthday of the current Queen, but our current Queen did not move the date and so we celebrate Queens day on the birthday of the mother of the current queen. That does not stop Dutch people from singing happy birthday to the queen when she is makes her appearance on Queens day. :smiley:

Nope, I don’t think so. Apparently all we’re doing in Australia is running a special 50-cent coin to commemorate the occasion.