Graphic Designer looking to work on a project

I’m a freelance graphic designer with a Bachelor of Arts Degree & 5 years professional experience.

I’m currently looking to re-direct my portfolio from the mainly print orientated work I’ve been doing, and moving towards gaming & app-based projects.

As a result I’m looking to work with any developers who may have an app-build in the works, preferably a small puzzle game, online board game etc… (very much open to ideas).

My main motivation here is a portfolio building excersize, so I’m not concerned about billing for my services here, for me this is about portfolio enhancement and some experience.

I’m also happy to give some examples of my previous work upon request.

If you are interested in working with me, reply, PM or email [email protected], would love to hear some of your ideas. Also willing to sign any NDA’s before hearing briefs, etc.

Thanks, Rich