GPS permissions

I’m curious about the effect GPS permissions have on reviews and earnings.

For the longest time, I excluded these permissions from my apps, considering them invasive. I thought that users are deterred from installing the app because of too many permissions, or GPS permissions specifically. Even though, it’s only used to deliver ads based on your location, some people probably think “ohmagawd, why does the app want to know where i am?”

So what are your experiences with GPS permissions? Anyone notice a change in earnings with and without GPS turned on? Do you think people still notice and care when they see the app request for these permissions?

I think most people don’t care about them… You will get some one star reviews though.

Internal Google guidelines are (see one of the Google I/O talks) are to NOT enable GPS unless your app specifically uses it for something. My guess is adding that permission will mean your app does not get featured.

Interesting. I didn’t know about this.

I didn’t know about that either. I guess if you plan on having a successful app you will not use any that permissions that aren’t needed, and as WordHero has shown getting featured will jumpstart your app.