GPS location

GPS location - the fine location permission is suggested by some ad networks, but I wonder if it’s really necessary. Does this permission give better ads? Or are the networks’ available ads not so sophisticated to require GPS? Do enough people get wary of this permission and choose not to download because of it, or do they just don’t notice/care?

Personally I do not like apps requesting this permission. However I keep my gps turned off so if I want an app I still download it.

But I really think some advertising companies go overboard with privacy sensitive information.

i’ve thought a lot about this question…as you said, all the networks recommend the FINE permission. but i have tested it with clients and i typically see either 0% or max 1 - 2% difference. therefore i conclude it’s not too effective. however, one important caveat – right now the ‘local’ mobile advertising is in it’s infancy and has very little advertiser inventory, but in the long-term this category will grow. if you distribute your apps with FINE gps, you will capitalize in the long-term as the local mobile advertisers get more share of the pie. the local mobile advertisers pay MUCH higher cpm’s, there’s just not many of them in the market yet.