Got warning from Admob, what next?

just got warning from admob for copyright violation. so i immediately unpublished my app.

what to do next?
should i use another ad network?
i still got unpaid earnings, i’m afraid if i change network, they will ban me, and the earnings gone.

what ad network is on par with admob in terms of cpm?
Airpush, Mobvista, Startapp or Mobilecore?

what is the theme of app? Google will slap you on the basis of extent of violation.Usually big brands will soon catch their violators and send DMCA request.

No Ad network can match Admob’s overall performance. You can probably match it or even beat it with mediation though, if you really get stuck in.

I can vouch for StartApp and mobileCore, although I only use their interstitial units in general. StartApp’s banners are worth throwing into your banner mediation.

I would be careful using AirPush these days - a lot of people seem to be getting apps banned by their SDK, although their banners are probably no-risk.

Lots of people saying good things about Mobivista, but I haven’t used them.

TapIt! are a good bet for your banner mediation and they have some other interesting ad units that other networks don’t use.

can i still use mediation even though admob suspended my app?

so even if admob is owned by google, it’s not exactly connected to the google play suspension policies. what do I mean.
even if admob sends you an email with “we stopped serving ads on your app” this doesn’t mean that your app will get suspended. It’s likely that it will, eventually, but it can go on couple of good months without being suspended from google playstore.

my advice: remove admob, put startapp in it, republish it (maybe you can address those copyright issues) and let it live :).

There are other popular mediation platforms besides Admob, like moPub.

Obviously if your Admob account is suspended then you cannot use Admob mediation.

Thanks for sharing A1ka1ine, very insightful. :slight_smile: