Got an email from Admob about optimisation consultation

Today someone from Admob with a email address emailed me. They said They want to have a quick chat tomorrow about AdMob optimization due to strong performance of my app.

Anyone else received a similar email?

I have never received an email like this one but I have read one story similar to this one in a forum. Probably your app is very good in quality. But the bad thing is, this email means your app is now under Google surveillance and they won’t hesitate to suspend it if you make slightest mistake. I would suggest you to keep the app 100% compliant to be on the safe side.

Yeah and I’m already in contact with another from Admob, so it looks like they are pushing things harder.

You in the U.K too?

They’ve sent me a similar mail twice during the last two months, but they didn’t specify an app only how to optimize revenue overall. I’m probably not gonna reply.

Yes I am in the UK

same here. I’m not gonna reply this time too.

Why aren’t you going to reply?

Less talking with them, less problems

I’d love to see google staff getting replied by an automated bot (or pretending to be one) to troll them with a taste of their own medicine :smiley:

That would be nice. But they’ll probably ban you

I got the email too, but not free to chat with him in the given time slot. What is the talk about?

I’ve just finished talking with them. Basically they just told me to update admob and use smart banners which is something I am already doing.

Not what I excepted.

I was using the old SDK until last week. Due to that and the fact that my app has been doing well in the last few months probably flagged me for an optimization consultancy in which they basically told me to update the sdk.

hey buddy if you dont mind can I get your app link in PM? Just for inspirations, nothing else :slight_smile:

@vx777 I would greatly appreciate it if you could explain to me why talking with Google (who controls if your app/s are or are not banned from the Google Play store as well as pays you for the service they provide you through AdMob) would cause you more problems.

Is it because you’ve had a bad experience before when someone contacted you from Google?

I see comments on these forums all the time from developers looking to get answers from a direct Google employee instead of being referred to support pages.

@Niles, may I ask the same question above to you as well?

Cause I don’t wanna get on their radar at all, this is how people got banned in the past. However, it’s been a while since I read about these situations. Also, I already now what they’re gonna tell me.

Among this huge amount of apps, if Google starts caring about your app, its alarming. If they start promoting your app as a recommended one, if there is a glitch in it, it will hurt end users’ confidence on Google play. And that’s why once you’re inside the radar, don’t make any mistake. They will suspend your app to save their ass.

Well to be honest this didn’t do anything good for me. The lady I spoke to said she’ll check on my account and see how things are going from time to time. So now I have to be extra careful. And I didn’t get anything out of it

As we predicted

Because google don’t care about your profits, or “user experience”, or blablabla. They only care about their profits.
From my exprience & my friends experience, every talk with them is a bad talk.

For my case, I am already using new SDK/smart banner since the launch of my app, but they still want to have consultation with me. I guess it was nothing really important except my account had been marked.