Google will now take into account un-install rates :(

I’m not sure if any of you may be acknowledged about the new GP Distribution agreement but they now take into account un-installs to also determine your ranking within GP app charts as elaborated here:

The Store will allow users to rate and review Products. Only users who download the applicable Product will be able to rate and review it on the Store. Product ratings may be used to determine the placement of Products on the Store, subject to Google’s ability to change placement at Google’s sole discretion. The Store may also assign you a composite score for any Product that has not received user ratings. A Developer Composite Score will be a representation of the quality of your Product based on your history and will be determined at Google’s sole discretion. For new Developers without Product history, Google may use or publish performance measurements such as uninstall and/or refund rates to identify or remove Products that do not meet acceptable standards, as determined by Google. Google reserves the right to display Products to users in a manner that will be determined at Google’s sole discretion.

So I guess this means that reputable services such as aye-T Studies will no longer be any good as pretty much all the installs you purchase get un-installed strait after, and this could make Google suspicious and get your application taken down.

So what about AppBrain then? will this also be no good if the user just installs your app then un-installs it strait away once the reward has been given?

let me know what you think down below

Google already takes uninstall rates into account. The wording suggest that Google might now ban you for too many uninstalls which sounds like a parody. Especially one purpose apps that people install, use, then uninstall would suffer.

This is (amongst other reasons) why black hat review exchanges are a bad idea (most don’t even open the app before rating then uninstalling)

Are Appbrain´s installs incentivized?!

They are not. AppBrain shows appwall or banners and people don’t get anything in exchange for installing the apps.

I think it’s good idea, look at Clash of Clans and other games with 50-100-500 mln downloads! Clash was spending in Yeahmobi and other CPI sites milions of dolars to cheat ranking system. The same with some task cleaners or battery boosters… I think google should ban them.

But don’t those apps make Google a lot of money? if they banned those then Google would loose a lot of revenue theoretically.