Google Wallet Merchant Account without legal business (UK)


I have been trying to create a Google Wallet Merchant account which I believe that I must do in order to be able to charge for apps or in-app billing on the Google Play Store.

I tried to fill in the registration but I could not get past the company website field.

The problem is it seems that that page is requesting information about your "Legal Business Addres"s and “Business website”.

I am not registered as a business in the UK and I do not own a website (and don’t really want to go to the expense of having one).

Surely, it is possible for an individual to make money from their apps without having to set up a private limited company and have their own website.

I have tried to find this information from Google and web searches but no luck so far.

Very interested to see what other people (especially those in the UK) have done.

Many thanks in advance,



I’m based in the U.K so I’ll fill you in on what I’ve done.

If you are generating an income (even below tax threshold) you need to register with HMRC. If you leave it too long or don’t declare the business they can really mess you up.

I’ve registered as a Sole Trader. If I ever end up employing people I will probably register as a Limited Company instead.

All Google want for the business address is whatever you want to be known as (Some app developers only use their full name) and where you’re running things from.
I run mine from my residence which has changed a few times. Never had any issues.

Google always seem to want a website. At the beginning I just used my development blog, which was free with Google blogger. You might consider doing something like that for the time being.

Hope that points you in the right direction.

Hi A1ka1inE,

Thank you for your reply. I will most likely register as a sole trader also. I was hoping that I could just fill in the details of the additional earnings (if there are any) on my personal tax self assessment. Oh well.

Also, thank you for the idea of using a free blogging tool as the website address. I hadn’t thought of that. That definitely sounds like a good idea for the time being.

Thanks again,



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