Google stupidity

Google’s automated stupidity knows no bounds.
I’ve just had notification that an app of mine which is in Alpha testing, has been removed for deceptive behavior.
Its an instagram widget. The marketing and name are yet to be finalized and testing is only open to three people.

Morons. How can an app which isn’t even on the play store be deceptive.

I give up.

It wasn’t even published?

It’s odd, because you can’t really remove apps yourself, so unpublishing is the only option for you to take an app off the market.

Or was it published, and you restricted access in another way (login etc.)? Then I can see why Google would remove it.

The app was in alpha test, had never gone to production.
It wasn’t ready to launch as still had some bugs I was working through.
The description and branding was still very rough and I hadn’t finalised on a name.
But apparently It was deceptive and infringed on others IP. Even though no one but myself and my partner could even see it as it was not published to production.

I have appealed their decision, pointing out that removing an app from the Play Store before it even was published may be a bit premature.

I doubt (Knowing the faceless Google ) that it’ll get anywhere. At least they didn’t close my developer account.

it might not be stupidity
may be your package name contained the word instagram or your app contained some blacklisted jar file/api
after all ,even it is a bot…y did only it chose ur app>>

many unpublished apps were suspended (mine too)which had mobario jar file.but deceptive behaviour term is new to me

What was the package name?

i dont know.maybe clarkap will post here>>

The package was org.clark.instawidget.

No additional ad sdks at all.

Ya I had an unpublished app suspended for ad policy. That is pretty strange, since I knew it didn’t comply and unpublished it myself.

Don’t give up.
Google is trying to fight the spam apps issue with a lot of fire-power. And a lot of innocent developers, like you, get stuck in the battle field. You have to try again. either re-submit it with small changes, or wait for their appeal decision (which I know is a long shot).

I hope you prevail.

:smiley: Miracles Happen…

I have just checked my developer console and the app has been unsuspended, back to being unpublished.

No email from Google, but shan’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


and one of my paid apps got suspended today, while there are many apps that violates that copyright, and still there on the playstore (for couple years). Mine got suspended after 2 weeks… bad, very bad…
don’t know to change it as much as possible and publish it, or to open a new dev account